1. Dispense a few pumps and rub palms together to warm the product.
  2. Apply to strands and coat in lotion from root to end. Add more product to saturate ends to combat split ends and breakage if needed.
  3. Massage excess product into scalp if desired.
  4. Repeat until strands are lightly coated.
  5. Use as the leave-in post-wash, layered in your LCO routine, or as on overnight treatment mask.


Strands will feel deeply moisturized and gain natural lift. Frizz, breakage, and dryness will be reduced. Tangling will decrease, reducing single-strand knots and enabling curls to flow freely and hold their natural shape for longer. Scalp will maintain moisture and experience less dryness, irritation and flaking. Hair will be protected from mechanical and environmental damage, allowing scalp and strands to thrive in full bloom.

For straight Hair expect to see

For straight Hair expect to see

Expect smoother, softer hair with a healthy, comfortable scalp. Greasy appearance will be diminished, and breakage and excessive hair shedding reduced. Heat-styled curls will hold their shape for longer. Scalp and strands will be protected from environmental and mechanical damage, allowing hair to thrive.

For Chemically treated Hair expect to see

For Chemically treated Hair expect to see

Breaking and dryness will give way to softer, smoothed strands, sans frizz. Hair will stay hydrated and hold its natural or styled shape. Scalp and strands will be protected from environmental and mechanical damage, allowing hair to thrive.


The rich nourishing properties of natural African baobab and omega-packed Ximenia are elevated by the robust moisturizing power of Aminosensyl (HC), a 100% natural high-performance cationic ingredient made through fermentation to smooth and define strands and leave them weightless. 

An innovative blend of low and high molecular weight snow mushroom delivers dual action benefits, deeply penetrating strands and scalp to deliver enduring hydration while creating a transparent, protective film over hair to support moisture retention and protect from environmental damage.

Peruvian maca root peptides and Korean red gingseng fortify and revitalize hair to help with their adaptogen properties help scalp weather stress and reduce hair loss, while a bioactive form of keratin created to replicate the form our hair naturally produces zips to the cuticle to strengthen, repair and protect hair fibers. A combination of flaxseed and chia extracts, natural silicone alternatives, and natural emollients surround hair with a protective film to lock in moisture and keep curls soft and defined.

The result is impossibly revitalized and strengthened hair that is smooth, refreshed and deeply moisturized.


To us, natural means sourced from nature, or cultivated in a way that protects and preserves nature. Our bio-actives are ingredients that are transparently sourced, safely synthesized, and tried-and-true tested for results. Through natural ingredients, we see natural results. Every product at UZIMA was designed to bring softness, weightlessness, shine, and resilience to natural textured hair. So that you can grow it, show it, and own it all day, every day.

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