UZIMA is derived from the Swahili word for ‘full of life.’ For us, it represents vitality, authenticity and, above all else, sustainability.

From the ingredients we select for our formulas, to the innovation that influences our packaging and materials, we are committed to revitalizing our planet to the state in which it started – full of life.


Our raw ingredients are grown and sustainably sourced with complete transparency. Every biotech-based ingredient is culminated in a bioreactor, the future of sustainability in the beauty industry. Our process supports biodiversity and aims to preserve the earth’s sacred natural resources.


Despite their long-time presence in the beauty industry, ingredients made with fossil fuel feedstocks or byproducts are not renewable resources for our planet. We choose performant bio based alternatives where possible, and we aim to pave the way for the beauty industry to move away from them entirely.

Minimal Impact Packaging

Plastic has long been a staple of the industry. But it has, at last, become apparent that our planet’s plastic problem is only growing worse. We’ve chosen to rely entirely on aluminum and lightweight glass – all of which offer 100% recyclability and a lower carbon footprint. We use minimal plastic in our closures, and are working towards entirely PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic for those components.

The state of our planet demands that we must look at its future not just today, tomorrow, or next year. We must come from a place of longevity – one that challenges the “norm” at every turn, lays rest to dying mainstays that simply cannot sustain, and paves the way for truly innovative practices that will outlast time. A place of not just preserving the earth for our existing generations, but for the many that will come after us and deserve to experience the fullness of life.

Minimal Impact Packaging

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