Formulation Philosophy

UZIMA is grounded in one truth: those of us with hair that needs more require products that do more.

Frizz, tangles, shedding, breakage, split ends, dry scalps, drying strands, dying strands – it all requires science that goes a step further, and ingredients with multidimensional benefits that give both scalp and strands everything they need to thrive.

Built in San Francisco, born with Kenyan roots, UZIMA’s sacred ingredients and soulful rituals offer this, and more.

Homage to History

For millenia, ancient African cultures have placed unbreakable faith in natural botanicals that nourish and balance body, hair and skin. These revered plants, flowers, seeds, nuts and grains are at the heart of our product philosophy. African Baobab, Sudanese Hibiscus, and Mongongo are just a few that have brought nourishment and abundance to humanity for generations. They’re also completely natural and 100% sustainably-sourced, which means they don’t just benefit the communities who harvest them, they benefit us, and the planet.

But those benefits can go deeper. With the perfect combination of sustainably-sourced bio-actives and safe, stable biotechnology, we create formulas that don’t just create softness, silkiness, and vibrance – they create confidence in our naturalness. For us, and for the environment.

Life Through Biotechnology

When it comes to hair and skin – especially coily, kinky, and curly hair – the obstacles we face require more. But the more products we have to rely on, the more resources we have to use.

We use ingredients with multi-dimensional benefits – ones that deliver scalp wellness and healthy hair – so can use less while still gaining more. Our clean chemistry combines powerful bio-actives and biotech ingredients - all natural, safe, and sustainable - that are clinically proven and time-tested to care for textured hair.

By investing in biotechnology, we pinpoint the exact issues that hair and skin face – frizz, tangling, dry and damaged strands, excessive shedding, itchy and flaking scalp, and breakage – and specifically target them so that every benefit we see from our formulas is intentional.

Perfected Through Performance

While we have a deep faith in our formulas and how they’re created, nothing speaks louder than results. By testing our formulas on all types of hair and skin – with an emphasis on textured hair – we carefully track results and how each ingredient plays a role in the efficacy of UZIMA products.

While using the UZIMA ritual, our testers experienced feelings of weightlessness in strands and softness that was long-lasting, resulting in natural hair they were comfortable showcasing for days at a time. With consistent use, they saw improvement in scalp dryness, itchiness, and an increase in scalp comfort overall.

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