1. To prep for washing, either mist dry hair with USAWA Fermented Rice Essence or apply NISHATI Nourishing oil, leaving it for 10 minutes or overnight before continuing with your wash routine.
  2. After washing, mist hair and scalp with USAWA Fermented Rice Essence while still wet or towel-dried.
  3. Follow with UNYEVU Lightweight Silk Leave-In, applying it section by section and working from root to end. For added shine and protection, apply a few drops of NISHATI Nourishing oil to each section.
  4. To finish, part hair and apply UKUAJI Blooming Serum to scalp focusing on areas that need hydration, soothing, are thinning. Massage it lightly into the scalp for a cooling, tingling sensation and full coverage. Use up to twice daily for best results.


We have identified rare and revered botanicals that are native to Africa, as well as South America and Asia, known to nourish, balance and strengthen the body, hair and skin of its people. 100% transparently-sourced, these plants, flowers, seeds, nuts and grains are at the heart of our product philosophy. 

Our plant-based biotechnology ingredients, including ferments, stem cells and peptides, optimize the power of the botanicals while reducing our reliance on natural resources. 


To us, natural means sourced from nature, or cultivated in a way that protects and preserves nature. Our bio-actives are ingredients that are transparently sourced, safely synthesized, and tried-and-true tested for results. Through natural ingredients, we see natural results. Every product at UZIMA was designed to bring softness, weightlessness, shine, and resilience to natural textured hair. So that you can grow it, show it, and own it all day, every day.

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