Your Hair Contains Multitudes

Your Hair Contains Multitudes

Just like life, your hair is not a simple straight line from here to there. It’s not easily defined and it cannot be confined by one letter and number. Multidimensional hair holds many truths at the same time. It can be smooth and frizzy, loose and tight, oily and dry. Your hair contains multitudes, and that’s makes it beautiful. While it is not as simple as checking a box, your multidimensionality doesn’t need to be a mystery. When you understand the myriad patterns and shapes, sizes and weights your hair contains, caring for your coils and curls becomes a sacred self-loving ritual, not a chore. UZIMA is here to help solve the mystery of multidimensionality by helping you define your coils and curls on your terms. First, let’s simplify things. For coilies and curlies alike, understanding the shape, size and porosity of your hair pattern(s) provides useful insight into how to best care for your hair.


This ultra-tight pattern can be called Type 4, and its shape is often described as kinky, zigzag or afro. Coily hair ranges from coffee-stirrer sized S-shaped coils that pop to pen springsized Z-shaped coils that bend in sharp angles, to fluffy, fragile coils that hover like a halo. These coils tend to experience, dryness, shrinkage and knots more dramatically. Weightless moisture is the miracle worker for coils.


This pattern is often referred to as Type 3 and can range from loose and bouncy S-shaped curls with the circumference of a jalapeño pepper to tight and springy ringlets with the diameter of a baby carrot, to the tightest corkscrew curl with the circumference of a straw. With more volume comes a bit more frizz, and texture tends to be thick and course. Softening strands and sealing in moisture is key to healthy curls.


Like life, hair goes through periods of transition. As it’s transitioning from chemically treated to natural, this “in between” hair is ready for change but not sure which direction to go or grow. It can feel brittle and dry; prone to breakage and a little “haywire”. Deep love, patience and moisture is the cure. Protective styles can also help the transition.


Healthy hair is hydrophobic; it repels water. When hair is damaged, it becomes more porous –– it lets in water easily, but dries very quickly too. Damage can come from the tools we use (combs, brushes, heat tools), hair rubbing on clothes or bedding, pollution, UV radiation, and chemical treatments like coloring or relaxers. When hair is highly porous, it can be difficult to keep it hydrated, for coils and curls to stay defined, and resist breakage. The tips of our strands, the oldest part of our hair, have higher porosity as they have had the potential for damage longer, compared to the roots of our hair. You will notice that the tips of your hair will get wet faster than the roots. Well formulated conditioners and styling products can help hair stay hydrated by sealing the strand and providing a protective coating.

Whether your hair is coily, curly or both, highly porous or not, all textured hair will benefit from deeply penetrating hydration, weightless conditioning and protein-packed products that replenish natural keratin and strengthen strands. UZIMA is formulated to meet multidimensional hair where it’s at, restore balance and give it everything it needs to thrive.


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